Stick to the Plan

by The Right Here



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released December 28, 2015



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The Right Here Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Right Here hail from Minneapolis and play the type of honest and urgent rock and roll you'd expect from inhabitants of the coldest major city in the contiguous United States.


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Track Name: Judge Me When I'm Sober
Wake me when it’s over. Judge me when I'm sober. Save me from myself instead of haunting someone else. You said I had my fill of lies and that’s enough. Tell me when it’s something. I’m tired of the nothing. Sleeping through the lonely years. Wasting what I had to fear. It’s just about the time, about the time to set it off.

You’re a liar, you’re a stranger, you’re a tyrant you’re a savior. You’re a dilated fool that’s lost along with too many old time hacks that always leads to a straight line down. With no resemblance of doubt I’m telling you, so let’s take this car and drive straight through. Till the sun hits our backs. Till nothing can save us now.

To no more heroes. To letting go. To everything we have.

See these hard times and city lights ain’t the problem. What we’ve had what we’ve lost, can’t stop them.
Track Name: Seattle, Breathe
It ended in the blink of an eye
With a “hold on tight cause we’re all gonna die.”
Well come on, sun, give me some more of that great big burning light.
Pray to Jesus Christ if you want to.
And Sing a little song for those already gone.
But the more you sing “Lord” in the refrain,
Is the more you would be wrong.

Seattle, breathe.
Hold on to subtle, shaky feelings.
I’m that grand old frown on the faces you don’t know.
(And reconvene in Midwestern soil strewn about these ghost town streets.)

Things to get by on a Tuesday:
Cruising at 30,000 feet,
Or a desert drive, Arizona skies,
Any way to fall asleep.
I can’t seem to shake the Pacific.
Guess you’ve been shaking things too.
It’s a perfect line in ¾ time
Anywhere but here to you.

With a little bit of fake it as you go.
And “Walking the Floor” in stereo.
But on I-5 you’re running wild,
And still scared of being alone.